The Lake Oconee Association

The Lake Oconee Association is organized for the specific purpose of maintaining, enforcing applicable lake rules and regulations and improving and administering the Estates at Lake Oconee and to promote the health, comfort and safety of the association members and estate residents. The restrictive covenants are for the purpose of protecting the value and desirability of the all lots to be developed and sold to third parties.

The rules and regulations are to provide an environment so that the use of the lake and common property is the exclusive use of the Association members and their immediate family and guests of members, managing the lake water quality, general appearance of the community and fish management. The Architectural Committee systems invoke building requirements consistent with the City of Columbus building codes and standards, maintain the high environmental quality of the lake, respect the rights of each neighbor to enjoy the views at the lake and strive to maintain property valuation by setting minimum quality and esthetic standards.

The Association Website provides easy access for the following information by selecting the tab on the left side of the page. The information provided is intended to be current, but is always subject to change. Each Owner is responsible to confirm that they have the latest information before making any decisions.

Lake Covenants are posted for on-line review or to print out a copy for your use.

Architectural Requirements provides easy access to the last booklet for you and your contractors. Please contact the Architectural Committee to determine if there are any changes to the information posted. There are several forms that have been created with interactive fields for your convenience. Attachments A1, A2 and A3 are Section Views available in interactive form, but can also be used in a paper format to mark up.

Rules and Regulations provides easy access to the Association Rules and Regulations. Please contact the Association Board if you have any questions.

Meeting Dates provide a display of events affecting those living at the Lake. If you want to post a date for an event contact a member of the Board or the Architect Committee.

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